A Note About Paul Zyla

Hello Young Robots family,

as you may or may not have heard, YR co-founder, engineer and RCMP member Paul Zyla (aka Relative Q) had an aneurysm and a seizure early last week. He had a neurological procedure and he has been in the ICU since that time, under a lot of sedation. Right now, he is unconscious most of the time as they try to regulate the after-effects with drugs that keep him from suffering additional seizures.

In addition to his work as part of RCMP, he has mastered many of our releases and he’s a founding member of the label.  He is also very active in Pittsburgh’s techno scene and a part of the Broken Planet label and the Humanaut collective.

His girlfriend Tobin is giving daily updates on his condition on his facebook page, and things seem to be improving. Hopefully soon he will be conscious for longer stretches. It’s not entirely clear what his long-term prognosis will be but we’re obviously hoping he gets back to 100% and soon!

Paul has fairly good insurance, but he will nonetheless be in a tough spot as he recovers.  There are a few efforts underway to help him out.

There is a fundraiser underway at GoFundMe and there is a fundraising event in Pittsburgh this Friday.

We bought Paul a portable record player so that when he comes to, he can listen to music in the hospital. He’ll be in the ICU at least a few weeks. Even after he leaves the hospital, he’s going to have a tough road ahead… we’re having a little record drive, asking folks to send him music to listen to while he’s recovering.  If you’d like to send a record, please contact us via email using the contact button at the top left of the site and we will give you the appropriate address.

If you aren’t able to send a record or donate, be sure to give him your encouragement and keep him in your thoughts.

We’ve made all of Paul’s work with RCMP available for free, if you haven’t heard it, make sure to give a listen to our collected works.  They are all available for purchase as well via Beatport, iTunes etc.,

Many thanks.

-Fich, Skinny and Ayres

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