RCMP Back Catalog

If you’ve been following us for a while, you probably know that one of our most successful and most beloved projects is RCMP – a duo comprised of DJ Apt One and Relative Q. In a nutshell, they made a bunch of space disco in the late 2000s before that started to get cool, we put it out on vinyl and we started a little record label called Young Robots along the way. It’s some of the best music we have ever made. Period.

Since then, RCMP has toured, released singles, a second EP, a remix EP and evenan ominous mixtape about the dangers of space travel.

Now, RCMP’s entire catalog is available for free download.  Enjoy.

RCMP EP by Young Robots Records

RCMP – Mustache Love EP by Young Robots Records

USA Groove Single by Young Robots Records

RCMP – RCMP II by Young Robots Records

RCMP – RCMP II: The Remixes – OUT MARCH 27TH by Young Robots Records

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