News update

Here’s an update on some current and future projects from Young Robots camp in 2013!

-Our podcast and mixseries are going strong. both can be found at or you can check out the podcast on iTunes. Recent podcast guests include DJ Ayres and French disco sensations Venice Beach.

-We are planning to re-release much of RCMP’s collection of work for free in 2013 alongside some rarities and unreleased bootlegs. A must for disco fans everywhere.

-T&A records recently released a huge Moombahton compilation that includes work from Young Robots artists Jay Fay and DJ Ayres. Get it for free at the T&A site.

-Upcoming releases include several solo records from DJ Apt One and lots of Philadelphia-based artists including Nicos Gun, Instamatic, Downtown Club, Peter Dragontail side-project Superprince and a secret release from one of house music’s all-time legendary producers.

-Skinny Friedman is working on Trap Rave volume 3, so you moombahton/bounce/rap afficianadoes look out!

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